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February Retro Wreck Room Box Review #2

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Retro Wreck Room February Box Review

Our second RWR box has arrived.  As exciting as the first one was, let’s hope this one will be even better.  As before, our Retro Wreck Room Retro Wreck Room February Box Review will go over all games received with a mini-review of each one.  As well as detailing the cost of the games to help you decide if Retro Wreck Room is right for you.

For those that are not familiar with the subscription box, Retro Wreck Room is a little bit different.  Unlike the others where you pay a fee and get a mystery box of games. Retro Wreck Room charges you a small fee to send you a mix of curated games based on your interests for you to try out for a month.  If you like and want to keep any games you can do so and are charged per game at a discounted rate. At the end of the month whatever games you don’t want you simply just ship back to RWR in the provided envelope that is already postage paid.

If you would like to get your own Retro Wreck Room box you can save some money on your first box with the “GAMENCRANES” discount code.


Another Great Box From Retro Wreck Room

This month is a mix of Sega Genesis, SNES, and N64 games.  As stated above, these games are not from a want list they are curated based on our answers on the types of games we like to play.  The idea is that you will receive games you like that you would otherwise never seen or heard of, or would skip over at your game shop because you have no previous experience with these games.  The first game out of the box this month is…

Image of world of illusion sega genesis cartridge from February retro wreck room review

Sega Genesis – World Of Illusions Starring Disney’s Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck

For many fans of the Genesis and SNES Disney games make up at least a few favorites.  As good as Aladdin and as frustrating as The Lion King can be there were quite a few Mickey related games as well.  Because they weren’t tied in with any marketing for newly released movies they aren’t as well remember and many haven’t played them.

This should be changed because the Illusion Mickey games on the Genesis and Master system are some of the best retro Disney games.  In this game, you play as Mickey or Donald and even play cooperatively with a friend as both characters. Mickey and Donald are both magicians and the game is heavily themed around that.  They get trapped in a book by Pete and must find new spells in each level until they can escape.


Like the other games in the Illusions series, this is a platformer.  You can attack enemies with your cape and turn them into non-threatening things like plants and leaves.  The health bar is a series of playing card that turns over as you get hit. This is a fun game to play with a friend and a must for any fan of retro Disney games.  The cartridge is in good shape as is listed at $12 normally but $7.99 with the subscriber discount.


Sega Genesis – 6-Pak

6-Pak is a compilation of 6 different Sega Genesis games.  We aren’t a huge fan of compilation cartridges but there is good value there if you want all or most of the games but don’t want to pay for all 6 games.  This 6-Pak has an interesting mix with just one or that wouldn’t be great.

Here are the games including in 6-Pak:

  • Sonic the Hedgehog – Whatever your experience with video games you likely know who and what Sonic is so there isn’t much to say here. It’s an interesting add for this as it’s on the Genesis, but anyone getting a system later in its lifespan might not have had Sonic included or could of passed it over for any of the later sequels.


  • Golden Axe – Another of Sega’s great arcade games that were ported the Genesis.  Golden Axe shows up in many Genesis compilations and best-ofs. If you don’t already have this one then it’s another plus to the 6-Pak as a good choice for your collection.


  • Streets of Rage – Where the SNES has Final Fight, Sega has Streets of Rage.  Just like the console wars, you’ll find people who prefer and defend their series of choice which probably has more to do with what system they played the most growing up.  However, Streets of Rage is a great game and any beat em up fans that has a Genesis should have this and the other Streets of Rage games in their collection.


  • Revenge of Shinobi – For any fans of 16-bit ninjitsu action, this game is a great gem from the Genesis.  Back in the day the difficulty of Ninja Gaiden put me off ninja games for a long while after.  However, I’m excited to fully give this one a try now.


  • Columns – Here is a token puzzle game to round a variety of genres on this cart.  It’s not as good as other retro puzzle game choices out there so it’s really the only truly meh game in the Pak.  If Columns was your jam over Dr. Robotnik’s Mean Bean Machine and the others then this is a really great compilation for you.  The SNES just had the Genesis totally beat when it comes to puzzle games.


  • Super Hang-On – The other candidate for a somewhat meh choice with this game.  It’s not that the game is truly bad. It’s just not Road Rash, which really isn’t its fault.  When it comes to motorcycle racing on the Genesis nothing is as good as some Road Rash.


If you don’t currently own all or some of these games and would like to play them without having to shell out for each individually then this is a great compilation cart for you. As listed on the back of the cartridge the normal price for this one is $11 and it’ll be $6.99 at the subscriber price if you want to keep it.


Super Nintendo – Drakkhen

Okay, I gotta be honest here, there are two games in this month’s box that I have very little experience with and this is one of them.  As I’ve come to find out Drakkhen is a port of an older Amiga and Atari game that was also on MS-DOS and surprisingly the SNES. This looks and plays like nothing else I’ve played on the SNES.  When I first started I thought it felt like an old DOS game so I wasn’t entirely surprised that when I looked it up later it was also released on MS-DOS.

If you are a fan of much older style RPGs then this is going to be great for you.  Whether you enjoy this type of game or not, this is a great addition to this month’s box.  It lets you try a completely different style of game that would normally overlook. If I like it I can keep it and if not I just send it back.  However, this one is actually free this month with this box. The normal price is $7 but the subscriber price is free. I wasn’t aware that you have a chance of getting games to keep for free in this box, so it was a nice surprise as well.  I’ll be able to take more time with this game later this month to get more of an idea of what it’s really like.



Sega Genesis – Comix Zone

This month is a bit heavy on the Genesis games, but that’s okay as there are quite a lot of gems on that system that many did not get to play in their day.  This game is a bit of a 90’s radical overload with it. Lots of colors in the graphics and dude bro elements throughout it. For a beat em up it has a unique hook to as the action takes place within a comic book.

You are Sketch Turner the creator of the comic who gets sucked into it along with your pet rat and have to fight panel to panel to beat the final boss, save the world, and a damsel in distress.  The sprites and animations as you transition from panel to panel are really exciting and really helps this game stand out. However, the action of the game is really tedious and repetitive. Which is saying something for a beat em up.  There are some puzzle elements but nothing that is a true “brainer” as Sketch will say.

There are two different endings to this game, which gives you some replayability but ultimately you’ll have to decide how much the comic element of this you really like if you want to add it to your collection.  The normal price is $16 with a subscriber price of $11.99


N64 – Orge Battle 64 – Person of Lordly Caliber

This is the gem of the box for this much and a great example of why Retro Wreck Room is a great subscription box to try.  While Drakkhen was something new and unique to me this game takes it to the next level and is much more like the games I like to play.  I’ve never played this one before and will have to take some time to play it to give it a proper review. That said, i’m really excited to be able to invest some good hours into this one.  From the sounds of it, it’s a long game too.


Ogre Battle 64 is the third game in the Orge Battle series with the other two being on the SNES.  It is an RPG but has some other game elements in it. The combat system is interesting as you fight on a grid and it’s somewhat in real time.  The battles last for a set amount of turns and if you don’t fully take out the enemy party you can reengage them later.

There’s honestly so much to this game than I feel confident enough to write about until I have more hours played.  That said, I’m more excited about potentially finding a new awesome N64 than anything else. So once again that makes this box a success for me.  No other retro game subscription box out there can give you a game like this as the price point is just too high for the monthly subscription. With RWR if I don’t want to spend the money to keep the game I still at least get to play it for the month and make some fun memories along the way.

Ogre Battle 64 has a normal price of $50 but the Retro Wreck Room subscriber price is $39.99.

Do You Want Your Own Retro Wreck Room Subscription Box?

I hope you’ve enjoyed this review and that is has helped you decide one way or another if Retro Wreck Room is right for you.  If you’d like to get your own box you can do so here. Save some money on your subscription by using the discount code “GAMESNCRANES” at checkout.

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