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February 27, 2019 5 min to read

New At The Arcade – Marvel Contest Of Champions Arcade At Dave And Busters

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New At The Arcade – Marvel Contest Of Champions Arcade At Dave And Busters

There’s a new game at your local Dave and Buster’s call Marvel: Contest of Champions Arcade.  This is a retooled port of the Contest of Champions mobile game. While mobile ports aren’t normally the most exciting arcade games, this one tries to be different from the mobile version.  It’s part fighting game and part card collecting game. Similar to the Injustice Arcade Game that has been out for a while.

Marvel contest of champions arcade game

The cabinet is built for two players and currently has cross-promotion signage for the upcoming Captain Marvel movie.  This is probably an aspect of the game and cabinet that will be updated as each Marvel movie is released. It’s a neat touch that ties it into the movies and will give you a reason to keep coming back to the game to check out how it changes every so often.

Image of gameplay controls on MCOC arcade game

Marvel Contest Of Champions Arcade Gameplay


This is a two-play arcade fighting game with three buttons and a joystick controls.  After each game, you will get a character card. There is 75 total with a foil variant of each.  The characters are all Marvel heroes and villains.


Character select screenIf it’s your first time playing you likely won’t have any of the character cards so the game will give you a randomized selection of three characters to use.  You’ll play against your opponent or the computer with these characters and each round the character you are using will be swapped out. If you win the first two rounds there will not be the third round.  Because you cannot swap characters at will you do need to be mindful of the character order when you choosing who to play with.


The three attack buttons you have to work with are generic light, medium, and heavy attacks.  As you play you’ll charge your special attack which has its own fourth button to control. The special attack bar has three notches to it that allows for three different special attacks.  The more charge to the bar the more damage your attack will do, but it will take longer to build up that charge.

Marvel Character card dispenser on the arcade cabinet

Whoever wins two of the three rounds wins the match and then the machine will spit out a character card after.  If you already have character cards you can scan into your team at the start of the match and create your own custom team to use in the game that best fits your play style.  


Black Widow card being scanned on Marvel contest of champions at dave and buster'sThe characters have different health and attack stats as well as different abilities that you can make use of.  For example, Wolverine has 1302 health and 103 attack. His ability is Cellular Regeneration which uses his healing factor to grant cumulative health regeneration.  He can also grant bleed damage. Gamora has 1344 health and 112 attack. Her abilities are bleed and cruelty with the chance that her weapon blade will deal a lethal blow.  


Marvel Contest of Champions Character List

card redemption screen on marvel contest of champions arcade

Currently, there are 75 character cards within the game with foil variants of the characters.  There may be new cards released as time goes on. All characters have three stars in the upper left corner of the cards. The back of each one details the stats and abilities as well as a bio of the character. Here is a list of the 75 Marvel Contest of Champions Arcade Game Characters:

  1. Ægon
  2. Agent Venom
  3. Ant-Man
  4. Beast
  5. Black Panther (Civil War)
  6. Black Widow
  7. Blade
  8. Captain America
  9. Captain America (Infinity War)
  10. Captain Marvel (Costumed w/ Helmet)
  11. Carnage
  12. Civil Warrior
  13. Colossus
  14. Corvus Glaive
  15. Cyclops (Blue Team)
  16. Daredevil (Classic)
  17. Deadpool
  18. Doctor Octopus
  19. Doctor Strange
  20. Dormammu
  21. Drax
  22. Falcon
  23. Gamorajoin screen of marvel contest of champions arcade game
  24. Ghost
  25. Ghost Rider
  26. Green Goblin
  27. Groot
  28. Guillotine
  29. Gwenpool
  30. Hawkeye
  31. Heimdall
  32. Hela
  33. Howard The Duck
  34. Hulk
  35. Hulk (Ragnarok)
  36. Hulkbuster
  37. Iceman
  38. Iron Fist
  39. Iron Man (IW)
  40. Joe Fixit
  41. Killmonger
  42. KingPin
  43. Korg
  44. Loki
  45. Luke Cage
  46. Magneto (Marvel Now)
  47. Masacre
  48. M.O.D.O.K.
  49. MorningStar
  50. Nebula
  51. Phoenix
  52. Proxima Midnight
  53. Punisher
  54. Red Hulk
  55. Red Skull
  56. Rocket Raccoon
  57. Rouge
  58. Scarlet Witch
  59. Spider-Gwen
  60. Spider-Man (Classic)
  61. Spider-Man (Stark Enhanced)
  62. Star-Lord
  63. Storm
  64. Thor (Ragnarok)
  65. Ultron
  66. Venom
  67. VenomPool
  68. Vision (Age of Ultron)
  69. War Machine
  70. WASP
  71. Winter Soldier
  72. Wolverine
  73. Wolverine (X-23)
  74. Yellow Jacket
  75. Yondu

special attack ready on MCoC arcade game

Is Marvel Contest of Champions Arcade A Good Game?


If you are Marvel fan and/or play the mobile game then this is a game you should definitely check out.  If you are a fan of arcade fighting games you should still check it out, but you might be put off by the limitations of the controls.  It costs 8 chips to play the game or you do have the option to just buy a card without playing the game on top of it. The gameplay itself is pretty short as you just get one match per play win or lose. Playing against the computer offers very little in terms of difficulty.  With most matches only taking two rounds as the computer is really easy to beat.


card scanners on the cabinetThe limitations that this game puts on the fighting mechanics can be a plus for those that are not well versed in arcade fighting games.  It helps to put both players on equal footing in terms of skill, but those with experience blocking and planning out attacks will still be at a bit of an advantage compared to those who just like to button mash.  In other words, no matter your skill or experience with this type of arcade game, playing against others rather than the computer is much for fun. If you are at your Dave and Busters at a time when this game is busy with lots of people switching in and out you’ll have a good time.  If it’s not busy and you are just playing alone there won’t be much of a challenge with this game to keep your interest.


Overall, Marvel Contest of Champions Arcade has potential if it finds it’s followers.  Therefore could be really fun if tournaments can be put together with a good number to players at the same time.  It’ll be exciting to check back in on this game every now and then to see what’s new and collect the perfect team to use while playing. Marvel Contest of Champions Arcade is out now and exclusive to Dave and Buster’s.

marvel contest of champions logo

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