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New At The Arcade – Despicable Me Jelly Lab

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Now at Dave and Buster’s – Despicable Me Jelly Lab Arcade Game

Image of the play section of the Despicable Me Jelly Lab arcade game

It’s a few weeks old but this is the first New In The Arcade update for GamesnCranes.  Now at Dave and Busters is the new Despicable Me Jelly Lab card redemption game.  Featuring the minions from Despicable Me. This game is similar to the coin pusher card collecting games but a bit different from both Spongebob and Star Trek in that it has a conveyor belt with various ticket awards and card awards and dispenses the cards with a conveyor belt instead of a coin pusher to win cards. 

You press a button and a coin slides out, if it lands on a jelly section of the belt you win what that jelly section is for.  If you miss the section on the belt you just get two tickets.  You can win from 8 to 24 tickets per play on a jelly spot or go for the win card section.  If you hit the win card box exactly spot on with the coin and no part of the coin being over the line you’ll get one of the minion cards from the conveyor belt on the edge.  

Collect a full set of Minion cards to win bonus tickets

Close up image of the full minion collectable card set that you can redeem for bonus ticketsThere are seven main cards that make up the set with one bonus card.  Individually the cards are worth 50 tickets and the bonus card is worthImage of the rare despicable me evil minion card from the Jelly Lab arcade game 100 tickets.  The bonus card is Stuart and if you get his card you don’t need to hold onto it to complete a set.  If you do get a full set of the main cards you can redeem them for 2000 total tickets.  The rare card you’ll need for the complete set is the purple evil minion.  If you see that card on the conveyor belt you can rest easy knowing you’ll likely be able to complete the set if you can figure out the timing on the machine to release the coins in the spot you’ll need to win cards.

The game is colorful and attractive with bright lights and sound clips of minions and Gru.  The minions scream in excitement when you win and are sad when you lose.  For anyone who is a fan of other card collecting games and likes Despicable Me and the minions this will be a great game for 

image of minion cards that you can win on the despicable me jelly lab game. Shown are Carl and Stuart

you.  It is however, kind of pricey for the difficulty.  The goal of the game

 for most will be to collect the cards and it can be really stingy on where the hit zone is to win a card.  Just a tiny amount over or under the win zone and you won’t get a card.  While you do get a discount for multiple swipes it is 10 points per swipe and 5 on half price Wednesdays.  I’d recommend you try this for the first time on a half price day as it takes some getting used to to find the right timing on the machine.  

Despicable Me Jelly Lab is fun for any fan of minions or card redemption games

Image of the top of the Despicable Me Jelly Lap arcade game showing the super bonus jackpotOverall Despicable Me Jelly Lab is a great addition to the card collecting arcade games.  It does take some practice to learn the timing but that is part of the fun.  It can be frustrating at first but if it were too easy it would remove the need to have any skill at it.  Once you have the game down it’s a great change of pace from the coin pushers while still collecting card sets.  If you want to see the game in action check out this video of the Crane Couple on Youtube playing it.  Have you played Despicable Me Jelly Lab at Dave and Buster’s?  If so, what did you think of the game?  Let us know in the comments.

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    ReplyCmf August 16, 2018

    I love this game. I got the bonus once and now I am just waiting for another rare purple one so I can have a second full set. I have so much fun playing this.