Retro Wreck Room April 2019 box review

April 8, 2019 5 min to read

Retro Wreck Room April 2019 Box Review

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Retro Wreck Room April 2019 Box Review

April is here and so is our new Retro Wreck Room box. For those new, to RWR it’s the only retro video game subscription box that lets you try before you buy. You pay a small monthly subscription price to cover shipping to and from you and you get a mix of curated retro games that fit your console and interest requirements.

inside of april 2019 rwr box

At the end of the month you put the games you don’t want to keep in the provided prepaid envelope and ship them back. For the games, you do keep you get subscriber-only prices which are then billed later. If you’d like to try out RWR use the code “GAMESNCRANES” to save some money on your box.

With that out of the way let’s dive into the Retro Wreck Room April 2019 subscription box and see what’s there….

ghosts n goblins for the nes

Ghosts ‘N Goblins – NES $14 Normal – $9.99 Subscriber

First up is the classicly difficult Ghost ‘N Goblins for the NES. If you were playing games in the late 80’s you definitely have at least some sort of experience with this one. It is an original arcade game that was ported over to pretty much every platform possible and has had numerous sequels and spin-offs. Capcom made some pure gold back then and this one is one of their standouts.

It’s a run and gun type game where you play as Arther and have to battle your way past many ghosts, zombies, skeletons, and much more. It is extremely difficult and has a well-deserved reputation for being one of the hardest games on the NES.

Because of the difficulty, this can be a pretty frustrating game for casual games. As can many NES games, to be honest. The difficulty has always kept this game from being one that I circle back to when looking for NES games to play. The challenge is just too much for me, but if you love games like that and are willing to put in the time to learn the ins and outs of each level this is a great addition to your NES collection. If you want something a little less intense you might want to skip this one.

Like most all games I’ve gotten from Retro Wreck Room the cartridge is really clean, but this one does have some corner peeling on the sticker. Just something to keep in mind if your the type of collector that only want’s games in certain conditions. In this case, you can return this game to RWR so that is an added bonus to this subscription box.

nes controller from retro wreck room box

NES Controller – $10 Normal – FREE For Subscribers

Besides games, you can also get controllers and other accessories in your boxes. It’s a nice little addition and it’s neat to get something for free. No one can ever have too many original controllers and while this one does have some minor wear, overall it looks to be in good shape.

the lawnmower man cartridge for snes from retro wreck room april box

The Lawnmower Man – SNES – $8 Normal $4.99 Subscriber

It’s well known that most older games that are tie ins for movies typically are nothing like the movies they are supposed to be about. That is the case for this game as well, but they at least have it set after the events of the movie so from that standpoint it makes sense. If you are a fan of the movie then this game is worth looking into.

However, if you are not a fan of the movie then this is probably one you’ll want to pass on. The graphics haven’t aged well at all and it jumps back and forth from some pretty different play styles. You have to give it some credit for trying to be different and pushing things, but it just doesn’t really make for a great game. There is much better on the SNES that is worth your time and money.

gemfire snes cartridge

Gemfire – SNES – $25 Normal $18.99 Subscriber

As with every Retro Wreck Room box I’ve gotten before there is always one game that is included that I’m totally surprised by because I have little to no idea that it even existed. Gemfire is that game for me this month.

It’s always fun to come across new games that you are going in blind to. Some turn out to be great and others not so much and it makes more sense why you haven’t heard or seen the game before.

This is a medieval war simulator type game. And definitely one you’ll need to look up how to play if you come across a loose copy of this game. It has multiple aspects to the gameplay including a gridlike map of the island you are working to conquer. And switched to some turn-based combat as you battle with your troops.

It takes some getting used to and overall I never really clicked with this game. However, I haven’t played much else like it on the SNES so it’s worth checking out for that. It’s a great Retro Wreck Room game because it’s something I wouldn’t pick up on my own and this gives me the chance to try it. If it clicked more with me then I’d get to keep it. And if it doesn’t then I know I’m not locked into owning it.

zelda ocarina of time for gamecube

Ocarina of Time + Master Quest – Gamecube CIB $36 Normal – $28.99 Subscriber Price

Here’s a blast from the past that I have special memories of. Back in the Gamecube days to help promote The Wind Waker release if you pre-ordered Wind Waker you got the special bonus disc of OOT for the Gamecube. It was one of the best pre-order bonuses that I can remember from back then and you didn’t have to wait to get it. They gave it to you right when you pre-ordered.

My buddy and I had to call around to multiple Wal-Marts to find one that still had these discs in stock. We ended up driving about an hour away to finally track one down. It was one of those road trip memories that will always stand out for me.

There isn’t much I can add about OOT. It’s arguably the best game in the Zelda series and this lets you play it on the GameCube. Any Nintendo or Zelda fan should have this. The game is complete in box and in great shape. It’s a wonderful way to end this Retro Wreck Room April 2019 box.

inside of case for zelda oot from retro wreck room april 2019 box

Get Your Own Retro Wreck Room Box

I hope you enjoyed this review, and that you get some pretty neat games in your own box. Remember to use the code “GAMESNCRANES” when you set up your subscription to Retro Wreck Room to save money. If you want to see past boxes you can check out Retro Wreck Room Feb 2019 and Retro Wreck Room Jan 2019.

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