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June 14, 2019 5 min to read

The Ring Toss Arcade Game Review

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Arcade Favorites – The Ring Toss Arcade Game Review Ticket Redemption Game

There’s a wide offering of ticket redemption games out there and from time to time we like to take a look and review certain ones.  This Ring Toss arcade game review will introduce to you to the ticket redemption game if you haven’t come across it before, talk about gameplay, and give you some idea if this game is the right fit for you to earn some tickets.

If you’ve not seen this game yet, this is what the cabinet looks like.  It’s bright and shiny without taking it over the top where at first glance you’d want to stay away from it.  It is eye catching and will draw your attention when scanning the arcade midway.

Play The Carnival Ring Toss Game Any Time Of The Year With The Ring Toss Arcade

The theming of the Ring Toss arcade game is that of a carnival.  It really does a good job of giving you an experience of the carnival at your yearly fair.  Fair carnivals can be great places to play games of chance and win prizes with game types that you don’t typically get to access all year long in the arcade.  The gameplay and goal of this one is the same as at the fair.  However, there are many more lights on the arcade version and this is a much more single player experience.  Whereas at the carnival there are lots of people around and someone running the game in front of you trying to get you to play more and more after losing.

If you are a fan of ring toss games then this is a great arcade game for you.  While the ring and bottle sizes are probably not going to be the same as your local fair, it can still help you get better at the ring toss.  While earning you tickets to redeem at the arcade as well.  Being that this is a year-round game you can practice your throws and ring spins every day until you can do it with ease.  Then hit up the carnival when summer comes around and clean them out of large plush prizes.

bottles in the play area of the ring toss game

How To Win The Ring Toss Arcade Game And Win Tickets

This is a pretty basic game and there aren’t a whole lot of secret tricks you can do for it.  You just got to get good at tossing those rings around the necks of the bottles.  There are many different tactics to a throw.  You can try and fling them like a frisbee, try and keep them horizontal when throwing, lob them with a high arc, and many more.  We do not know which is best and do not endorse any single type.  You’ll have to just try out different styles and stick with which way works best for you. They don’t move during your gameplay but the point value of each bottle is different depending on the color. At my location the values are:

  • Red – 70 points
  • Blue – 60 points
  • Purple – 50 points
  • Orange – 40 points
  • Green – 30 points
  • Blue – 20 points
  • Yellow – 10 points

Please keep in mind point values might vary by location.  Each point is worth a certain amount of tickets and that will change based on your location.  You get a certain amount of time to play in your game the total number of points at the end is your score.  If you beat the set high score of 850 you’ll also get the jackpot bonus tickets.  The cost for this game at Dave and Buster’s is a good deal and even better on half price days which is 3.4 chips.

image of the rings that are used in the arcade game

The game gives you a decent number of rings to start with, you could almost say a bucketful like at the fair.  So many I was pretty surprised how many came out and it even cost me some time as I fumbled with trying to hold them all.  As you play, the rings that miss will slide down into a hole and are brought back out where you can pick them back up.  If you are fast you can really rack up some points here.  The key to having a chance of the jackpot is to plan out the math of what value of bottles you need to get to beat 850.  You’ll need to target all the higher value colors first, and each bottle only counts once.  Two or more rings on the same bottle only counts as one score, so make sure you target all the different bottles of each color then move to the next color down when all high values are taken.

playfield of ring toss arcade game at dave and busters

Game Review Verdict – Is It Worth Your Money?

With the majority of ticket redemption arcade games, if it’s worth it to play really comes down to your skill and the settings on the specific machine you are playing.  This one is no different. If you can decently toss rings on bottlenecks then yes this game is worth it for you.  If however, you can’t do it extremely well just yet but are willing to put in some work and chip spend to hone your skills then yes, this one is worth it for you too.  It’s a fun little game that gives you the carnival fair feel which can be good to change up your games at your arcade visit.

If you aren’t the best at ring toss games and dislike carnival games then this one should be a pass for you.  If you are just looking for some tickets on a cheap swipe then the Zombie Snatcher might be more your style.  For us, though this is a good play.  While we totally understand there are other games with higher and maybe even easier to attain jackpots, this one is still worth a couple plays at least on a visit.  And who knows maybe by upgrading your ring toss skills now, you’ll get to impress everyone at the fair when you finally win that giant Scooby-Doo plush that has always eluded you.

Ring Toss Arcade Game Review Verdict – Play

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    ReplyAllen Beck July 2, 2019

    Thanks for the great breakdown! I personally throw 3 rings at a time and can get over 100 tickets a play with ease. Its definitly a great ticket game and a welcome addition to the midway.