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November 10, 2017 3 min to read

What Is GamerGreen?

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What Is GamerGreen?

Ever Win Something From a Claw Machine And Say, “What is GamerGreen?”

Sign on front of claw machine explaining what is GamerGreen
If you have ever checked out a claw machine in a grocery store, movie theater, local diner, or restaurant before, you have probably seen prizes with the GamerGreen logo on them.  If you ever wondered, “What is GamerGreen?” we’ve got you covered.

GamerGreen is a rewards program for gamers who play and win in local claw machines.  By playing machines with GamerGreen in them, you can win redeemable points called “G’s” which you can collect and then redeem online for real-world prizes to are shipped right to you.

There are a variety of different ways to win GamerGreen.  Some plush toys in the claw machines will have tags on them with a scratch-off code that you can redeem on GamerGreen’s website.  They typically award 1,000 G’s per plush toy.  

You can also play the luck of the draw claw game.  Those are the ones with a variety of small prizes like jewelry, accessories, and small action figures.  They have some box items that contain cards that will award you “G’s”

You can also win on the Battle Claw, which used to be the Prize Pagoda.  This machine just has small boxes that contain a hero card that will give you 1,000 “G’s” when redeemed along with a small hero themed trinket.

What Can You Get From GamerGreen?

The GamerGreen website is kind of like an online arcade ticket redemption counter.  You save up points and then redeem them for any prizes you like that you have enough tickets for.  Once you do that they will ship you your prize.  The prizes possible range from small cheap trinkets, plushes, toys, gift cards, household items, and high end things like iPads and exercise equipment.  I’m collected enough to get a few smaller items and some medium ones in the 50 – 100,000 ticket range.  I’ve never had any trouble redeeming tickets and the items have arrived relatively quickly and in great condition.

stuffed animals inside of a claw machine

Is GamerGreen Worth It?

The value of GamerGreen is going to vary from person to person.  If you just like winning things on claw machines then it is definitely a welcome bonus to earn some more prizes.  If you stock up enough G’s, you can get some great things as long as you have the skill and patience to bank enough of them.  Overall, I think it’s a great program but I think they could improve by explaining more about what the GamerGreen program is at the machines.  I’m sure there are many kids and adults winning for the first time on the Battle Claw that get confused or let down that there is just a card and a superhero tattoo in their box.  If they don’t know what the codes are for, or that they can redeem them for better prizes, then it’ll be hard for the idea of GamerGreen to be used by more people. 

image of claw machine next to toy vending machines

For those that have experience with the program it can be a great bonus, but I would like to see a little more variety in the G’s won per prize.  Typically they award 1,000 per code with some new locations saying there is the possibility of winning higher awards. I’ve only ever gotten 1 in the past that awarded more than 1,000. It was back in the old prize pagoda days when I found a gold coin instead of the standard silver in my take out box.  If you had a better chance of earning different amounts of G’s more often, or even mystery G cards where you won’t know how much you’ve won until you redeem it, then that will be more exciting for the more experienced players and increase the amount of people going for just one more battle box win.

Have you ever redeemed anything from GamerGreen?  What did you get, how do you like the program?  Let us know in the comments!

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