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December 1, 2017 3 min to read

Arcade Favorites – Zombie Snatcher Game Review

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Zombie Snatcher Arcade Game Review

While we like to highlight the new arcade games as they are released we also like to take the time to review our current favorites too.  This time we’ll take a look at a more recent arcade addition in the Zombie Snatcher.  These machines can be found at your local Dave and Buster’s. It’s a ticket redemption game with multiple players operating zombie arms to snatch various pucks with ticket values in them.  If you are able to push the puck off the moving platform and into your winner chute then you win that amount of tickets.  There are also bonus pucks you can win with letters on them.  If you collect all the letters that spell out ZOMBIE you’ll win the bonus jackpot.   

The ticket values range from 20 to 500 tickets per puck  The letter pucks will also give you 300 tickets per puck.  The bonus starts at 500 at climbs from there until someone wins all letter pucks to spell out ZOMBIE.  If the word is mostly full already then it’s a great time to play as it’s just a matter of time before the last letter that you need pops out.

Collect Letters to Win Bonus Tickets

Zombie Snatcher is a favorite because it offers different values to a variety of players.  From casuals to new players it offers the chance at a higher ticket win per swipe than most other ticket games out there. More seasoned players who take the time to learn the timing of the machine can rack up a decent amount of tickets in a short time while playing the game.  Since 6 players can play at once it can be fun to play as a group and take turns going after the high-value pucks while competing to see who can spell out zombie first to get the bonus jackpot.  

fifth player section on the zombie snatcher ticket redemption arcade game

If you plan on playing for an extended time just be aware that the tubes in the middle are where the ticket pucks are dispensed.  If you happen to clean out a tube of pucks you’ll need an employee to refill it and depending on how busy the arcade is at the time it can take a while for the machine to be refilled.


In many locations, the Zombie Snatcher has been overhauled and it no longer has the center tubes that have to be manually refilled.  Currently, the center of the machine has an elevator like apparatus and instead of releasing a new puck after each one has been moved off the belt, it now releases a group of pucks after a certain number of pucks has been won.  This update is both good and bad.  On the bad side, this means you can no longer stay at the machine and just farm 500 tickets wins. Also if you clear the high-value pucks and it doesn’t release anymore on the conveyor belt then you’ll have to go after more low-value pucks until a new batch is released.

zombie snatcher arcade game bonus sign at dave and buster'sOn the good side, you no longer have to wait for an employee to reload the machine if it’s low on pucks, and it makes it fairer for everyone to have a chance at getting the 500 ticket pucks. One of the biggest drawbacks for me when I first found this machine was clearing out all the 500 and 250 pucks and then having to track someone down to have them refilled. Also, you no longer have to question if every letter puck still has a chance to be released.  Before if someone already cleared the E before you started playing you would have to wait for the machine to be refilled.  In most cases, the E was set up to come out later after a refill so it could take some time.

Zombie Snatcher is Similar to Other Ticket Redemption Games at the Arcade

zombie snatcher arcade game at dave and buster's

The Zombie snatcher is similar in size and shape to the familiar Cyclone game, which is played on a circular machine and players press a button to stop a light. However, Zombie Snatcher gives you the feeling of more control if you learn the timing of the arm. The downside to this over Cyclone is you’ll always win something on the Cyclone but you can send your zombie arm on its way and not grab any pucks on this one so you’ll end up with just 2 tickets every time you miss.  

Have you played the Zombie Snatcher?  What do you think of it?  What are your favorite ticket redemption games?  Let us know in the comments.  Also, please check out our other arcade game highlights and video game monthly box reviews.


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